Seddon Society

The Seddon Society was setup by Professor George Bentley to bring together all trainees, current and past, from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore.

We have 350 members and hold an annual meeting. The current trainees present their best research to compete for the WJ Little Medal and the Seddon Traveling fellowship. There are invited speakers and the day is followed by a dinner.

The day provides an important get together for consultants and trainees past and present associated with RNOH.

This year the annual meeting is took place at the Wellcome conference centre, a fantastic facility with room for sponsors to exhibit and have coffee with the delegates on 15th June 2018. It was a fantastic meeting with a fantastic post meeting dinner. The date 


President: Professor A Hart

Secretary: Mr H Anwar

Trainee Reps: Mr George Matheron, Mr Harry Beale