Virtual Seddon Society Meeting 2020 – Friday 4th Sept 2020

The Seddon Society was setup by Professor George Bentley to bring together all trainees, current and past, from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore. We have 350 members and hold an annual meeting.

The current trainees present their best research to compete for the WJ Little Medal and there are invited speakers.

The day provides an important get together for consultants and trainees past and present associated with RNOH.

As we all know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we unfortunately had to cancel our annual Seddon meeting in June, however the opportunity to allow trainees to present some valuable research work and to interact as a training programme is recognised as being essential during this chaotic time.

Therefore the Seddon committee are proud to present its first virtual meeting which shall take place on Zoom, on the afternoon of the 4th September from 3pm to 5pm.

We would love you to join us for the session and ask that you do take advantage of a couple hours study leave to allow you to enjoy the session.